Being able to run benchmarks with 1 click in horizon

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In order to test a cluster's performance in a fast, easy way, it would be good to have an option in Savanna's UI to allow us to run benchmarking jobs (for instance: teragen,terasort, teravalidate) with a single click.

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[SL] Interesting idea. It looks like it could be useful to auto register several jobs with benchmarking stuff. Could you please add details about which libs should be added for it? My concern is that there are tons of existing benchmarks and examples.

irc discussion:

aignatov: SergeyLukjanov: interesting idea, but I see huge efforts on that because we need to do some research etc before implementing
aignatov: propose to add as track to next design summit
aignatov: anyway this will not be landed in icehouse
SergeyLukjanov: aignatov, yup
aignatov: also, OS contains Rally project targeted for benchmarking all components
mattf: aignatov, it should be possible to run hibench from the savanna api. he can always demonstrate how it works and then push for inclusion in the dashboard, if there's actually anything to include
mattf: it might just be a set of steps "upload xyz to swift, make job binary spq, run job abc"
ruhe: also, Boris (lead of the Rally) offered his help to include performance tests for Savanna to Rally

[MS] What mattf says is what aligns most to what I had in mind. Automate some common benchmarking jobs. Hibench should be one of the initial candidates. I think it would be very useful if the user could have these benchmarking libraries ready from the dashboard, also being able to tweak the default configuration, such as which jobs to run (in Hibench: terasort, wordcount, pagerank...), through a modal in horizon, and run them.

[SL] So, it sounds like an ability of Sahara to create some predefined jobs for users with instructions about how to tune them to run some specific benchmarks.


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