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Searchlight is great because a user can get near real-time information about cloud resources. However, that data can change due to user interactions (pause an instance) or resource life-cycle operations (delete volume on instance termination). When the cloud resources change, the user's current search may become stale

This focus of this blueprint is to find a way to allow the user to view and act on cloud resources, and see the results of any changes they are making, but avoid confusion if the search result content or ordering changes during their task.

Some sample use cases:
1) User is looking at a carefully filtered list of their images. They create a new image. It is great for that new image to be inserted into their current search results if it passes the filter.
2) User deletes an image. It is great if that image is immediately hidden from their current search results.
3) User wants to act a resource. It is great if the search result list does not jump around due to changes made by other users as they are trying to read it and click on their desired resource.
4) User modified a resource which affects its relevance in the search results. It is great if the modified item is gracefully relocated, or gracefully hidden, rather than just jumping to a new location or disappearing.
5) User selects 1 or more items for batch action. It is great if those selections don't move around or disappear because the search result set is updated.

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Tyr Johanson
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